Internal Activities

The main ways of structuring TST's organization

Internal Activities

TST’s logo meaning

During development, a white star in blue circle emblem has visualised and distinguised the TST brand, and promoted our values, the quality of our products and services.

About the name “TST”

Thanh Cong Service Technical Corporation - TST Corporation (TST). The name “TST” is a combination of three abbreviations:

- T: Thanh Cong

- S: Service

- T: Technical

About logo image

The star symbolizes the light, reflecting TST’s desire to be the leading enterprise in spare parts distributing of Vietnam industry, meeting customer needs.

The star also symbolizes TST employees. Each member is a star, do not wait for the light from other stars for its lighting which burned himself to shine for those around them.

Blue circle around represents the Earth, as well as non-stop movement of the economy. We refuse to be complacent, embrace every opportunity for greater challenge, and are confident in achieving our goals with unwavering passion and ingenious thinking.

About logo color

The main color of emblem is a combination of dark blue and light blue, embodies hope, opportunity and trust. We committed to our customers not only good quality products and friendly services, but also a confidence long-term cooperation. Besides, blue color is showing that TST’s truly interested in environment. We are dedicated to fulfilling our brand promise to sustainable development.


TST Corporation Cultural

All members of TST Corporation have to remmember and share the culture standards – the factors that create Core Value for the whole company and each employee.

TST employees at work

Love our work

TST employees know well what we want. We know the job that we are doing is our choice and we keen on it. We understand that only the passion for work and tremendous efforts can bring outstanding values to our client, the Company and ourselves.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is a basic guideline of every employee at TST. There is no success lasting for eternity. Just keep efforting relentlessly and finding better ways of optimization work can bring us successes.

No wait for help

That is the philosophy of people working at TST. Therefore, every TST employee always try their best to complete their work and support their colleagues to achieve the best work results.

Fairness and equality

Every TST employee has their own values and roles to contribute to the Company development and sustainability. Thus they are equally treated and compensated for the values they create.

With TST clients

Focus on client

We want to  take the lead of industry, we have to serve our clients best and bring them real values in a sustainable way. Therefore, every TST employee have to focus on client's benefits. When there is a conflict between client's benefit and the company’s benefit, the client's benefit will be prioritised.


Honesty is the basic principle of TST Corporation. We recommend our clients products and services which truly bring the best results.


All TST employees understand that the trust and support of clients will make our dream come true. When we work for clients, we work for ourselves.


The professionalism will not only bring better work results to clients, but also keep them along with us for long time. So TST makes non-stop improvement to be a more and more professional company.


TST members do take responsibilities not only to make their life and their family life better but also contribute to make a more prosperous society and bring happiness to human being. And we are working hard to accomplish the society responsibilities anywhere, anytime.

With TST colleagues


Recognizing the values of colleagues, managers, leaders, clients, partners will help TST employees to be mature at working place. Mutual respect is a precondition for TST Corporation  to become a strong organization.

Team work

We understand that just a few excellent persons can not make a strong TST group. Dream comes true only when every member combines their efforts in a united organization. So, we do not only care for each individual self-improvement but also for a powerful TST Company's advancement.


Each colleague at TST is a teacher in their own area of work for others to learn from. TST members need to responsible for learning from and training our colleagues to help create a knowledgeable organization.

With TST  partners


Cooperation helps multiply the strength of an organization. Therefore, we are willing to cooperate with any organization/person to create values for our clients and bring them the best-value products.


Success or failure of its partners is also TST's success or failure. That's why we are whole-heartedly dedicated to accomplishment of our responsibilities and provide supports to our partners so that both sides can get success.

All members of TST Corporation have to remmember and share the culture standards – the factors that create Core Value for the whole company and each employee.

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