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Essential factors of tire cares

A starting point to answer your questions about tires. Discover everything from how to read your sidewall to how your tires can carry your whole vehicle.


1. Wear-limit

checking wear limit

2. Inflation pressure

checking inflation pressure

3. Rest (every 2 hours)

4. Rotation (every 10.000 km)

5. Overloading

6. Driving habits

Ride comfort: If you get the vibration through steering wheel or car seat, you must check these factors:

Tire misuses

Irregular wear

As tires are used, it is normal for the tread to gradually become shallower and overall tire performance to change. In addition, irregular tread wear may occur for a variety of reasons that may lead you to have to replace a tire sooner rather than later. Regularly checking the tread depth and wear condition of each tire on your vehicle will not only let you know when it is time to replace a tire, it can also help you detect other needed maintenance and get the most value out of your vehicle and tires.

Tire damage while driving

A flat tire doesn't always announce itself with a loud noise or other obvious signs: Sometimes, the flat is the result of a slow leak that causes the tire to gradually lose air pressure. When you realize a tire is flat while driving, remain calm but take action immediately. 

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